Are you an inspiring DIY-er? Want to take your DIY skills to the next level— and trim your overgrown tree all by yourself? 

Well, if you’re confident in your abilities, and you have the right tools, well I’d say (don’t) go for it!

Seriously, I’m here to warn you. Don’t go for it. You might be the next hotshot DIY-er— the greatest the world has ever seen; but hear me out. I know you’d rather do it yourself than pay someone to do it for you, but for your safety and wellbeing… no. Just don’t.

And before you curse me out for hindering your budding talents, let me convince you just why exactly this is a bad idea.

  • Safety First!

Tree removal might leave you second guessing if you’re right for the job, but tree trimming? It sounds easy peasy, lemon squeezy— am I right? Nope. Your safety is prime. Refusing to hire a pro arborist can result in unforeseen accidents— like a branch falling and hitting you, or even you slipping out of the tree yourself. Getting an acquitted tree company to do it for you can minimize the risks of any mishaps happening. They do have the safety measures, and the right professional equipment for it, too.

  • Do it for the Gram

Making sure that results turn out aesthetically pleasing for you and for your property is very, very, important. After all, who would like a picturesque house— then bam! Up front is an overgrown tree that looks like it’s seen all the horrors of this world. It would look bad and would make you look careless. In a similar fashion, trimming it yourself could also result in a disastrous impression in terms of looks. Hiring a tree service guarantees that your tree is in shipshape, always!

  • Let them Do their Job!

Please. They’ve studied years for this. Don’t steal their spotlight. They do know what your tree needs. They know which branches are damaged, which ones to cut, and which ones to leave out— and they accomplish the work faster. Doing it yourself without prior knowledge can harm your tree, leaving it open for infestation. After-services like cleaning the remnants when the job is finished is just a plus.

  • Fail-Safe 

If you hire a tree company for pruning and your trees get damaged— you can always blame it on them. Kidding! Unless… 

St. Louis Tree Service

It would save you the agony from the knowledge that you probably marred your tree But, as I was saying, contracting a tree service is a foolproof measure to ensure your tree’s health! It would save you the agony from the knowledge that you probably marred your tree. Who knows, you might even get free advice on what looks good for your garden.

Tree trimming is not just hard work, but a craft that can only be mastered through skill and knowledge. For your trees’ best, and most importantly, your safety— it’s in your best interests to consider our advice. Promise.

So that’s settled then. You’re probably agreeing (although begrudgingly), that you do, in fact, need a professional tree service (I’m talking to you DIY-ers!) For its sake, call your local tree company now and get that tree care your evergreens deserve!