There’s nothing that complements a house better than a gorgeous roof. It’s the cherry of every homeowner’s dream. But roofs are much more than aesthetic eye-candy for passers by: they protect you from the elements, keep the pouring rain and the scorching heat outside, and even increase your home’s resale value! Roofs are many things… but ONLY if they’re kept in a good condition. Even the smallest damage to your roof is a threat to the sanctity of your home. Neglect it long enough and you might just find yourself paying for a lot more than just roof damages. Lucky for you, you don’t have to worry about that at all! We at (company name) have you covered with ALL of your roofing needs!


Repairing your roof is no problem for us, but we will need something from you first. To start with, we gotta’ know the nature of the problem your roof has. And who knows their roof better than anyone else but the homeowners themselves? We want every little detail you can write down. Ask yourself questions like: “what is the extent of the damage?”, “hold old is my roof?” “Has my roof been waterlogged from rain?” and more of the like. Once we have the info we need, your part is over! Now you get to stand back and watch as (company name) do our magic on your roof.

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Now we get to the business part. Of course, you would be wondering how much this would cost you. We are too. There are 5 things you need to consider when it comes to roof reparation costs. Let’s go over each one.

  1. Roof Type

Your roof type is the biggest factor that comes into costs. Is your roof an asphalt roof, or a slate roof, or maybe a metal roof? The bill will vary greatly, depending on the material we’re working with.

  1. Permits

This greatly depends on where you live, really. Maybe the city where you live has a flat rate when it comes to permits. But it could also be based on your home’s size and value, so look into that.

  1. Damage Size

Roofing is usually measured by square footage, meaning repairing a small crack on your roof tiles will be priced by the square footage. Knowing the scope of your roof’s damage can give you an idea of how much the cost will be.

  1. Water Damage

Sure, roofs are good at keeping the inside of your house dry, but it’s not exactly great at keeping itself dry. Water damage can actually be difficult to spot. Even if you conclude there’s little to no waterlogging, prepare a few extra bucks just in case.

  1. Amenities

Last but not least is your roofing amenities. Working around your chimney and skylight can be quite tedious, especially when we’re trying hard not to add any further damage. There’s a few additional labor pay.And that should be everything! Keep those in mind when you’re looking to get your roof repaired, and remember the name of a reputable roofing company.