Trees add a different kind of aesthetic to your establishment. They can be trimmed into different shapes and sizes, and some of them can even bear fruits for you to eat or to sell. They are also environmentally friendly, because they convert our pollution into clean and breathable air, as well as cool down the temperature a couple of degrees.

However, there are times when we need to remove a tree from where it stands, and tree removal does not come free. Listed below is when you must remove a tree:


One of the main reasons why a tree must be removed is that it has become a safety hazard for its surroundings. For example, the tree has now grown close to a power line, and its branches often get entangled with the wires. Because of this, the tree must be removed in order to prevent unwanted accidents.

Another example of the tree becoming a safety hazard is when it grows too close to the house, and the large branches pose a threat when the wind blows hard or when a storm comes. If trimming is not enough to solve this problem, then a tree removal is required.


Even though trees are long-term investments, they still die just like any other plant. When this happens, it is best to remove the tree in order to prevent infection or the spread of fungus. A dead tree can also dry up, and its branches can be a safety hazard to the people walking by. Besides, dead trees are not aesthetically pleasing.


Trees can also get diseases, and symptoms can be noticed immediately, such as discolored leaves, cracks in the trunk, or the appearance of fungi. If this disease cannot be mitigated anymore, then removing the tree is a last resort. Leaving an infected tree for too long can also spread its disease to other nearby plants, which can be dangerous if you own a garden or an orchard.


Sometimes a tree would grow too large that it becomes an obstruction to the place around it. For example, the roots of a large tree can spread too wide and damage the concrete, or as mentioned above, they can grow too close to power lines. When this happens, it is best to remove the tree instead, rather than risk costly accidents or damage to property.


The trunk of the tree can also be compromised or difficult to control anymore. Sometimes this can be caused by a disease in a tree, and you should immediately call the professionals to solve this immediately. However, there are instances when the multiple trunks grow out from the tree, which can make it difficult for the tree to stand properly.

Another instance is when the trunk becomes hollowed out, thus making the entire tree weak and fragile. A hollowed trunk means that there are not enough nutrients going to the tree, which could lead to decay and the death of the tree altogether. Thus, the best course of action is to have a tree removal.