When properly cared for, poinsettias can live through the holidays and even provide color again for the next holiday season. To maintain your poinsettia, be sure to provide it with bright sunlight and plenty of water (it will drop its lower leaves if allowed to wilt).

Once the colored leaves begin to fade around March, trim it back so only 4 to 6 inches remain above the soil, placing outdoors after frost is no longer a danger. In mid-July, trim off 3 to 4 inches to create bushier growth.

To induce the renowned colored leaves of the poinsettia, the plant must receive 14 hours of uninterrupted darkness each day for about two months. To do this at home, starting in early September, cover the plant with an oversized box for 14 hours each night, uncovering each day to provide the plant with 10 hours of bright light. With consistency, your poinsettia will change color in time for the next holiday season!