Not only a fantastic fruit, but the flower is wonderfully fragrant too!

Many people have delightful memories of growing blueberries in other parts of the country and desire to grow them here in Colorado. Our growing conditions here make growing blueberries successfully a challenge, but not impossibly so.

In general, most failures result from soil with too high a PH. Blueberries are essentially bog plants and require a low PH. Colorado soils and water is generally alkaline (high PH). To surmount this, we recommend that you dig out a decent sized hole (several feet wide and deep) where you want your blueberry bush and fill it in with peat moss.

Secondly, blueberries are water-lovers and you will need to maintain the soil moisture especially during our hot summer days! Think about placing them in location where you can easily and frequently soak their soils. Perhaps you’re your house, under your hanging baskets that you have to water daily?

To promote healthy, vigorous growth, you also should fertilize regularly throughout the growing season but taper off in late summer to decrease green growth and ready your plants for winter.

Blueberry fruit is amazingly good for you and best when grown organically in your front yard! The delicate, white, bell-shaped flowers are gorgeous and produce a sweet, delightful fragrance. The fruit itself will turn blue one week before they are ready for harvest, so have some patience! When ripe, they will fall off into your waiting hands and reward you for all your effort!