Delphiniums and their towering spires of blues, pinks and whites for sale in our Perennial Area.

The early summer blooms of Delphiniums are always so breathtaking. The world is still so fresh. The earth hasn’t completely thrown off its long sleep; the nights are cool, the breath of spring. Every bloom in the garden is like a small miracle that we notice and appreciate. As we haven’t yet been bombarded with the dizzying array of colors and shapes as every flower puts on its show stopping display for the pollinators of the world.

It is always bittersweet to watch the last bloom stalk fades on our Delphiniums and the leaves lose some of their vigor. The height of summer is upon us.

But, you can bring back the Delphinium’s glory for a pre-frost show. Once the blooms fade, cut all the bloom stalks off at the base. If you do this early enough, your Delphiniums will reward you with a second flush of blooms. And when they do, the nights will be cool again and every moment bittersweet for summer is at an end.