The following is a list of tomato varieties we have available this season. Quantities of each variety are limited. Please call for or drop by for current availability.

Ace, Heirloom – Excellent fresh, low acid, Determinate.
Amish Paste, Delicious flesh is juicy & meaty, bright red fruit. Indeterminate.
Beefsteak, Large, meaty, delicious flavor
Black Cherry – Purple black fruits bursting with rich flavor. Sweet & Complex. Indeterminate
Black Krim, Heirloom, Pole – Dark red-purple fruit. Russian, wonderful flavor.
Black Plum Paste – Excellent paste tomato, rich flavor.
Blueberries – Superb taste, dark purple color. Very productive.
Bonny Best – Round, red meaty, loaded with flavor. Good producer.
Brandywine, Heirloom, Pole – favorite of many gardeners, superb flavor.
Brandywine Red & Yellow, Favorite. Some red, some yellow. Superbly rich & delicious. 6ft vines.
Carbon, Heirloom – Winner of 2005 Heirloom Garden Show. Smooth, large, beautiful fruit. Complex flavor.
Cherokee Purple, Heirloom – Delicious Tennesse tomato. Beautiful color. Superb taste. Indeterminate.
Chianti Rose, Heirloom – Sweet, juicy beefsteak. Complex flavor. Indeterminate.
Chocolate Cherry – Mahogany colored, rich flavored vigorous vines. Clusters of sweet little gems.
Crimson Carmello – Bred in France. Round, red, juicy. Perfect sweet/acid taste. Indeterminate.
Dester – Large pink beefsteak. Amish favorite. Rich, sweet flavor.
Gardener’s Delight – Best cherry tomato – extra sweet, packed with flavor. Many clusters.
Glacier – Loads of round 2″-3″ red fruits. Excellent flavor. Reliable in cooler season climates.
Gold Nugget – Rich, sweet flavor. Among the first to ripen. Long season. Vigorous plants.
Granny Smith – Great fried green tomatoes. Firm, sweet.
Great White – Large 1 lb. giant. Creamy white fruit. Exotic flavors of pineapple, mango. Beefsteak.
Green Zebra – Beautiful chartreuse color with lime – green stripes. Rich taste, sweet with a sharp bite.
Gregori’s Altai – Siberian variety. Heavy producer. 8-12 ox. pink-red beeksteak. Long season.
Homestead – Tasty, firm. Very productive. Produces in HOT weather. Smooth round fruit.
Hungarian Heart – Pink fruits grow to 1 lb. Great for sauce, paste, roasting + fresh eating.
Jellybean – Grape-shaped beauties. Red or Yellow DELICIOUS! Large clusters of 15-30 fruits.
Kosovo – Mountain oxheart, huge heart shaped. Delectable & intense flavor.
Ladybug – Very very sweet, produces hundreds of fruit. Heat tolerant.
Lizzano Cherry – Abundant yields of 1″ fruits. Disease resistant. Compact plant, good for containers.
Marglobe – Old 1925 variety. Vigorous vines produce globe shaped fruit. Good canning tomato.
Marvel Striped – Heirloom beefsteak. Sweet & juicy. Gorgeous pleated yellow fruit. Zapotec origin.
MoneymakerHeirloom – Old English variety. Intensely red fruit. Flavorful  / rare. 4-6 oz.
Mortgage Lifter, Heirloom – Beefsteak. Red/orange/meaty. Kentucky variety.
Mountain Princess – Heavy producer. Heirloom red-orange.
Oregon Spring – Full flavor, juicy compact plants. Determinate.
Pink Brandywine – favorite from 1885 1-1/2 lb. Full, amazing flavor.
Pink Bumblebee – A stunning tomato. Bright, sweet flavor.
Pink Berkeley Tie Dye – Beautiful beefsteak. Complex blend of flavors.
Purple Bumblebee – Produces all season long. Complex, sweet flavor. Outrageous striping!
Red Pear – Sweet flavor. Great for salads.
Red Pride – Deep red color, luscious flavor. Fantastic performer. Determinate.
Red SiberianHeirloom – Russian variety. Great mountain tomato. 55 days.
Riesentraube – German/Pennsylvania/Dutch “Giant bunch of Grapes” Rich, meaty, red fruits.
Roma – canning & paste & sauce. Disease resistant.
San Marzano – Excellent flavor, paste. Good for canning and drying.
Silentz – Deep red fruit, very flavorful. Slicing tomato. Vigorous/determinate.
Speckled Roma Paste – Very flavorful red with jagged gold stripes. Vigorous plants.
Sun Gold – One of the tastiest orange tomatoes. Sweet flavor. Produces into the fall.
Super Sioux – Sweet earthy flavor. Good slicer. Nebraska. Good for hot, dry areas.
Supersweet 100 – Deliciously sweet, long clusters of tomatoes. Very long vines.
Supremo – Extra large roma. Firm, juicy, rich in vitamins.
Sweetie – Bite-sized, deliciously sweet cherry tomato.
Tigerella – Beautiful, tasty 2″ fruit. Early producer. Good disease resistance.
Tumbler – The tomato for Baskets. Sweet, bright cherry tomatoes.