We seeded lots and lots of really awesome tomato varieties. Look for the new additions: Blondkopfchen, Black Sea Man, and Isis Candy… We also seeded many of the past favorites including the French Crimson Carmello, Brandywine and Cherokee Purple. Check the list below to see all the varieties we offer. Keep checking in as I will be adding more as time goes on. We have over 70 different varieties at Gwynne’s this year but the quantity of each variety is limited – First come, first serve! I will also be adding our pepper/eggplant availability list soon!

All the tomatoes started at Gwynne’s are NEVER exposed to herbicides or pesticides.

Name Type / Color Classification Days to Maturity Description
Amana Orange Orange Indeterminate 80 Heirloom. One of the tastiest and earliest of the heirloom beefsteaks. Deep orange color and big beefsteak flavor make this a favorite.
Amish Paste Red/Paste Indeterminate 74 Heirloom. Produces up to 12 oz, deep-red Oxheart shaped, meaty fruits. Probably one of the largest paste tomatoes which dates back to the turn of the century and is the best for sauces and canning. Not overly acidic.
Arkansas Traveler Pink Indeterminate 80 Heirloom. A heavy yielding variety that will produce 6-8oz pink fruits through stressful hot weather. Outstanding flavor.
Aunt Ruby’s German Green Green Indeterminate 80 Heirloom. Not the prettiest tomato, but is spicy and sweet – a very delicious tomato. In some grower’s opinions, this is the best flavored green tomato. Large, beefsteak type – 12 oz to 16 oz fruits. Ripens to a pale green with a hint of yellow.
Azoychka Gold Indeterminate 68-78 Heirloom. A very productive Russian heirloom found at the Bird Market in Moscow. (“Azoychka” is a woman’s name.). A regular-leaf tomato plant that produces an abundant crop (40-50 tomatoes per plant) of smooth, 3-inch, 10-16 oz., slightly flattened oblate, meaty, yellow/orange tomatoes with a luscious sweet citrusy flavor. Dependably productive, delicious and deservedly in demand. Unlike most yellow tomatoes this variety has a good acidic balance to its fruity sweetness resulting in lots of robust, complex flavors. A great variety suited to coastal and both warm to cooler growing regions. Produces well into the season. Great for eating in salads, sliced into a sandwich, cooking in sauces or canning.
Beefmaster Red Indeterminate 80 (F1) Plant produces enormous yields of large meaty 2 lb beefsteak tomatoes. Tomatoes turn deep red when mature. Excellent for salads or sandwiches. Suitable for home gardens and market growers. Disease Resistant: VFNASt.
Better Boy Red Indeterminate 75 F1. One of the all-time best home-garden tomatoes! Consistently produces high yields of smooth, large, tasty tomatoes. The vigorous vines produce until frost, even under poor conditions. Multiple disease resistance.
Big Boy F1 Red Indeterminate 78 F1 Hybrid. Satisfy the biggest appetite with this beef tomato. The fruits can weigh over 1 lb each, but the meaty flesh has an excellent flavor.
Bison Red Determinate 65-77 Orignially offered by Oscar Will in 1937. Dwarf determinate plants require no staking or pruning. 3″ deep red fruits are produced even in cold, damp weather. Has produced as much as 40 pounds of fruit from a single plant!!
Black Cherry Black Indeterminate 64 Heirloom. The incredibly sweet, fruity flavor is as appealing as the fruit is genuinely beautiful. Dark, chocolatey colored fruits are perfectly round, 3/4-inch diameter. Irresistible right off the vine. A unique addition to the color spectrum of cherry tomatoes that are now available. Delicious eaten fresh from the vine, on salads, or added to sauces and casseroles.
Black from Tula Purple-Black Indeterminate 75 Heirloom. Russian heirloom from Tula. Largest of the black tomatoes with 3-4″, slightly flattened, oblate, dark brown to purple fruit with deep green shoulders. Deliciously outstanding, rich, slightly salty, smoky-fruit flavor.!!  For a truly wonderful black tomato this one is sure to please.
Black Krim Black Indeterminate 70 Heirloom. From Crimean peninsula of Russia. A “novelty” that does not sacrifice taste. Rich, earthy, almost smoky flavor. Good sized beefsteak-size tomato (10-12 oz). Fruit sets well in heat, buth this variety is also reported to have done well in the ’93 “summer without a summer”; it will produce under adverse conditions. Most reliable of black tomatoes.
Black Prince Purple-Black Indeterminate 70 Heirloom.  Originally introduced from Irkutsk, Russia and is regarded as a “true Siberian tomato” that does very well in cooler climates. Until only recently this was considered a rare variety in the United States. However, it’s popularity has grown so much in Russia that there is now a company in Volograd that is producing an extract of the Black Prince called “Black Prince Tomato Oil.” The Black Prince tomato is said to have considerable health benefits beyond the presence of lycopene. These deep garnet round, 2-inch (2-3 oz.) tomatoes are full of juice and incredibly rich fruity flavors. Chefs rave about it for it’s rich flavors. The small fruits contain deep rich colors on the inside. Perfect for patio gardens. Perfect for eating fresh, and in cooking in tomato sauce or other culinary wonders.
Black Sea Man Purple-Black Determinate 75 Heirloom. This Russian tomato produces small determinant, potato-leaf plants that yield an abundant set of 12-16 ounce beautiful tomatoes that are rich mahogany colored with olive green shoulders when mature. Inside of tomato is deep, reddish green and loaded with excellent, full-bodied, complex, intense, creamy tomato flavors. This is an outstanding tomato for sandwiches and salads. Black Sea Man heirloom tomato does well growing in mid-sized containers. A great early black tomato.
Blondkopfchen Gold/Cherry Indeterminate 75 Heirloom. The name of this adorable heirloom cherry tomato means “little blonde girl” denoting its eastern German ancestry. These tomatoes produce big, leafy, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield a phenomenal amount of  1/2″, grape-sized, brilliant yellow/gold, cherry tomatoes in clusters of 20-30. The vines are large and sprawling, so give them plenty of space. Blondkopfchen is undoubtedly one of the BEST TASTING cherry tomatoes. Deliciously sweet with a slight citrusy tart finish. A great choice to introduce tomatoes to kids who claim they don’t like tomatoes. Just put this in your mouth and see if you can keep from smiling.
Brandywine Pink Indeterminate 85 Heirloom. You simply cannot believe the flavor of this tomato. An old Amish heirloom tomato dated back to 1885 and passed down from generation to generation, Brandywine is a pink beefsteak type tomato, with thin skinned, rich flavored, 3/4 lb-1 lb tomatoes.
Carmello Red Indeterminate 75 The French Carmello is among the most productive tomatoes ever bred. It is popular in European markets because of it’s exceptionally fine flavor. This version was de-hybridized over a 5 year period around 1993. Bears large crops of heavy, juicy tomatoes with flavor that just doesn’t stop. Another favorite because it consistently produces great tasting fruit, even in cooler weather. Good for slicing in salads, sautéed, or as an integral part of any dish.
Caspian Pink Pink Indeterminate 80 Heirloom. Originally grown in southern Russia between the Caspian and Black Seas. Thought by some to be “Queen of the Pinks,” these prolific,1-2 pound, globe-shaped, pink-red beefsteak tomatoes that rival Brandywine in popularity and flavor. One of the best known and best-tasting Russian tomatoes. This tomato is perfect for cooler climates.
Celebrity VFNT Red Determinate 70 No other variety does so well under as many different growing conditions as Celebrity; combine with superb flavor, adaptability to almost any climate (from cold to hot), and disease resitence, and you have an almost perfect tomato. 1984 All America Winner.
Cerise Red Indeterminate Masses of sweet, juicy, round red fruits on early maturing plants.
Cherokee Purple Purple Indeterminate 72 Heirloom. An unusual tomato with medium-large, flattened globe fruits that are dusky pink with darker pink/purple shoulders. The multicolor interior is purplish/pinkish. Abundant, fruits are very sweet and juicy with a smoky flavor. Thick, rosy brown skin resists cracking. Good foliage cover prevents sunburn. Relatively short, indeterminate vines.
Chianti Rose Pink Indeterminate 80 Heirloom. The big, beautiful beefsteak tomato with fabulous flavor is a cross between the famous pink Brandywine and a treasured family variety from Italy. Juicy, flavorful and heavy in the hand, Chianti Rose tomatoes are thin skinned with smooth, creamy flesh and glowing rosy-red color. The strong vigorous vines with potato leaf foliage tolerate cooler summers and are more crack-resistant and uniform than other large fruited heirlooms. Huge harvests of these scrumptious tomatoes are a highlight of summers!
Chocolate Stripes Bicolor Indeterminate 79 Open-Pollinated. A top rated tomato. These are very large, indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield a plentiful crop of 3-4 inch, mahogany colored with dark, olive green-striping (similar to black zebra).  Fruits have delicious, complex, rich, sweet, earthy tomato flavors. Chocolate Stripe, another desirable ‘black tomato,”  is an excellent tomato and a fine choice for your tomato garden. Produces well into the autumn. A great sandwich tomato and salad tomato.
Crimson Carmello Red Indeterminate 70 Bred in France especially for fresh eating, plump Crimson Carmellos will satisfy all your tomato fantasies. The round red juicy fruits have the perfect sweet to acid balance that translates to exquisite taste. Big 4-5” Carmellos are borne in abundance on vigorous disease resistant and widely adapted vines.
Early Girl Red Indeterminate 52 Comes in first as an early slicing tomato. Dependable large harvests of flavorful, solid 4 to 6 oz. fruit. Disease resistance is good, contributing to its excellent performance in almost any climate. A proven variety for delicious, early tomatoes.
Evergreen Green Indeterminate 72 Heirloom. Plant produces good yields of medium size green tomatoes that are very flavorful, solid, and firm. Stays green even after maturing! An excellent heirloom variety for salads, sandwiches, and frying.
Gardener’s Delight Red/Cherry Indeterminate 65 A delightful red ripening cherry tomato with a strongly sweet flavor that matches up with some of the popular sweet orange types such as Sun Gold and Sun Sugar. Fruits are standard cherry tomato size and are born in clusters of 6-14. Plants bear quite heavily.
German Johnson Pink Indeterminate 85 Heirloom. Large, pink skin with yellow shoulders, very mild, low acid, very meaty with few seeds. Size averaging 18-24 ozs. Tall plants with potato-leaf foliage. The Tomato – Johnson was named after Robert Gibbon Johnson. He was declared a hero in 1820 by eating a tomato in public in New Jersey. He attempted to greatly encourage the public acceptance of the Fruit as not being toxic or poisonous.
German Queen Pink Indeterminate 79 Heirloom. Very popular variety renowned for it’s full, rich flavor. Very big potato leaf plants produce lots of sweet, pink, 1-2 lb., meaty, beefsteak tomatoes. Perfect for slicing.
Gold Medal Bicolor Indeterminate 85 Heirloom. A Ben Quisenberry tomato. Wonderful, 1-1/2 lb., yellow and red bi-color beefsteak tomato with pink marbeling in blossom end, thin skin and luscious sweet, well-balanced flavors. Harvested ripe fruit lasted for a couple of weeks before showing signs loosing it’s beauty.
Green Zebra Green Indeterminate 75 Heirloom. Green Zebra has excellent flavor and a very unique color – rich, golden green with forest green stripes. Very smooth skin essentially free of cracks. Tennis ball sized – 3”, 3 oz.
Grushovka Pink Determinate 65 Heirloom. Siberian origin. Delicious, small (2-3-inch) plum-shaped, pink/red tomatoes on small plants.  A very good choice for container gardening.  Good canning tomato. Very, very tasty.
Homestead Red Determinate 80 Great for hot summer growing as these plants set smooth, round, 8 oz red fruits that are consistently uniform in the hottest weather. Resistant to cat facing.
Ildi Bright Yellow/Cherry Indeterminate 54 Heirloom. The a very early, high-yielding grape tomato; 6ft, indeterminate, regular-leaf, vigorous, prolific tomato plant that yields HUGE amounts of 1-inch, SWEET SWEET, bright-yellow, oval (with occasional pear-shaped fruits), ‘grape’ tomatoes with up to 75 Tomatoes in Every Bunch!, producing large bouquets of these delicious, yellow cherry tomatoes.  Ildi is often sold commercially in farmer’s markets as Yellow Grape. These yummy tomatoes usually produce till frost. A great cherry tomato choice for serving in salads or snacking off the vine, like eating candy.
Isis Candy Bicolor/Cherry Indeterminate 90 Heirloom. This beautiful cherry tomato variety yields bicolor fruits of rose-red with yellow-gold marbling, often with a star-burst pattern at the blossom end. Besides their unusual beauty, these cherry tomatoes have a delicious flavor best described as wonderfully rich and fruity, not just sugary sweet. The vigorous vines are loaded with heavy clusters of 1″ round fruits throughout the tomato season. Kids of all ages really love these garden treats. A top winner at heirloom tastings.
Japanese Black Trifelle Purple-Black Indeterminate 81 Heirloom. Russian origin. In Russia the Trifele varieties of tomatoes (of which there are several colors) are highly prized and command big prices. This short potato leaf plant yields prolific quantities of 6 oz. fruit that looks like a beautiful mahogany-colored Bartlett pear with greenish shoulders. Very tasty flesh with a meaty core that produces luscious fruit all summer long. A work of art sliced out on a plate and a wonderful flavor that possesses extraordinary rich and complex flavors. The Black Trifele is one of the blackest varieties available and is resistant to cracking.
Jaune Flamme Yellow-Orange Indeterminate 70 Heirloom. Extremely prolific French heirloom tomato that bears in clusters of 6, beautiful, 1 1/2-inch, round, golf-ball sized tomatoes that are persimmon-orange colored inside and out. A delicious full-bodied tomato flavor that literally bursts in your mouth.  Very decorative. Makes a great flavored sauce.  Try these heirloom tomato seeds in your garden for a tasty mouth watering treat.
Kellogg’s Breakfast Orange Indeterminate 80-85 Lovely, pale-orange fruits that are solid and meaty throughout, packed with mild, superb tasting flesh. A long season producer of large, beefsteak type fruits, up to 1 lb with solid centers that have just a few seeds at the edges. Very desirable.
Lemon Boy Yellow Indeterminate 72 Finally, a bright yellow fruit with full tomato flavor! Medium sized fruits make an eye-catching display when sliced with bright red tomatoes. Top with a few leaves of fresh basil for the best of summertime treats. Multiple disease resistance.
Lillian’s Yellow Heirloom Yellow Indeterminate 95 Heirloom. Moderate yield potato-leaf tomato. A beefsteak heirloom from from Robert Richardson, who received the seeds from Lillian Bruce of Manchester, Tennessee. These big indeterminate tomato plants yield 10-16 oz., clear to orangy-yellow, fragile, thin-skinned, beefsteak tomatoes that have mildly sweet, citrusy flavors, juicy flesh and very few seeds. A perfect salad tomato. Great choice as a farmer’s market tomato because of it’s visual appeal and wonderful flavor.
Marvel Striped Orange Indeterminate 90-110 Heirloom. Large, up to one pound, pleated orange and yellow fruites have red, splashy stripes. Sweet and juicy, with very few seeds. Originally from the Zapotec peoples of Mexico.
Marz Round Green Green Indeterminate 80 Open-Pollinated. A natural cross by Jeff Dawson. A rare tomato seed that produces indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that yield a generous crop of 2-inch, round, lime-green, tomatoes with darker green shoulders. Wonderful, tangy-sweet flavors makes this tomato variety a great addition to a tomato salad.
Mountain Princess Red Determinate 45-50 This determinate, early tomato is well-suited to short, mountain climates. It is a heavy producer of small to medium-sized, red fruit that has a nice mild flavor. This tomato comes from the mountainous regions of West Virginia and has been grown by generations of rugged farmers for its earliness and production.
Neves Azorean Red Red Indeterminate 75 Open-Pollinated. a.k.a. NAR. Antnio Neves and his family immigrated from the Azores and settled in the Boston area.  They brought with them their prized family heirloom tomato seeds. He grew out his favorite variety and kept selecting the seeds to develop a larger sized tomato. What resulted was the wonderful, and now very popular, Neves Azorean Red. These tomato plants are indeterminate, regular-leafed with a large central stem that have moderate to heavy yield of huge, 1-3 pound, deep-red, beefsteak tomatoes with terrific, bold, complex flavors. This could be the the ultimate tomato sandwich or to showcase in a special tomato salad. This tomato packs such a wonderful flavor punch you will want to keep it as one of your favored tomato varieties to grow each year. Great disease resistance and produces till frost.
North Dakota Earliana Red 60 Heirloom. Brilliant red, 6-9 oz slicing type fruits are prodcued even in the face of cold wet springs, or hot,ry summers. Reselected from the original Earliana in the early part of the 20th century by famed breeder Albert F Yeager, working at North Dakota State Univ.
Persimmon Orange Indeterminate 80 Heirloom. Thomas Jefferson grew this tomato in 1781. This large, beefsteak, juicy, blemish-free yellow tomato also ranks as one of the most flavorful and reliable yellow tomatoes to be found. Very productive.
Pineapple Striped Indeterminate 75-95 Very large, up to 2 lbs each. The yellow fruit has red marbling through the flesh and is one of the most beautiful tomatoes we sell. The flavor is very sweet and fruity; good yields!
Polish Linguisa Red Indeterminate 72 Heirloom. Fruits are large, sort of pie-shaped (flattened pear) and average 7-10 oz each. Delicious flavor, high yielding.
Principe Borghese Red Indeterminate 75 This small, fragrant tomato can be found all over backyards and farmyards in Italy, drying right on the vine, or hanging from barn rafters where the dried fruits last into the winter months. Small, plum shaped tomates are set in clusters of 6 to 8 fruits on prolific plants. They can be dried on the plant or in a vegetable dehydrator, and are also outstanding when oven roasted.
Pruden’s Purple Purple-Pink Indeterminate 75 Heirloom. Many folks find this tomato variety comparable in every way to the favorite Brandywine. It has even ranked higher at times in taste trials. Great for hot day and cool night climate. Large potato leaf vine produces lots of 1-lb., slightly flattened, pretty, blemish-free, purple-pink fruits with few tomato seeds and excellent flavor.
Red House Freestanding Red Semi-determinate 75-80 Bushy, semi-determinate plants require no staking! Broad, crinkled leaves protect the luscious fruits from sunscald. Abundant yields of firm, juicy, red fruits, produced in clusters, weigh 4-6 oz and occasionally larger. Reputed to set fruit in cold weater. Has some tolerance to fusarium and verticillium wilts, resists cracking. A wonderful container variety!
Red Pear Red/Pear Indeterminate 75 Heirloom. An old-fashioned treat. Crimson-red little pear-shaped tomatoes that ripen like delectable drops of flavor in luscious long clusters.
Red Robin Red Determinate 55 A dwarf variety of cherry tomato for container growing, hanging baskets, windowsill or patio growing. Plants remain 8-12 in tall and bear masses of 1-1/4 in fruit with a mild, sweet flavor. Very tender skin and good taste even when the fruit is grown indoors.
Rei Dos Tempores Red Semi-determinate 70 The name means “King of the Earlies,” and this is indeed an early type for its size and quality. A Portuguese market variety. Well-flavored fruits grow to one-half pound, perfect for slicing and sandwiches. Uniform, flattened globes are blemish-free and very resistant to cracking.
Roma VF Red Determinate 75 Heirloom. Pear shaped 2 oz fruit, ideal for paste or puree. Fuarium and verticillium resistant.
San Marzano Red/Paste Indeterminate 80 Heirloom. This low sugar, low-acid tomato has high solids content, excellent flavor and makes the best sauce. Ask any true Italian! Also called the “sausage” tomato, it’s delicious on sandwiches. Used by gourmet chefs who slice diagonally and top with parmesan slices and pesto for an appetizer. Provide support for bifourous vines that reach 6 feet or more.
Silvery Fir Tree Red Determinate 58 “Silvery Fir Tree” is an unusual name for a tomato, but appropriate for this compact Russian heirloom with lovely, ferny leaves. This 24″ beauty shouldn’t be hidden in the back of the garden! Put it on display in a pretty container or large hanging basket, on a sunny patio or front porch. Fruits have slighty tart, classic tomato flavor. As a determinte type, the majority of the fruit ripens over a 1 -2 week period.
Stupice Red Indeterminate 60-70 Bred in Czechoslovakia, this is an early, prolifice variety with exceptionally sweet and juicy, glossy red fruits. Dense, potato-like foliage protects the fruit from sun scald. ***Employee Favorite***
Sub Arctic Plenty Red Determinate 49-59 One of the very earliest tomatoes, the compact plants produce lots of 2-oz red fruit. One of the best for cool conditions and will set fruit in lower temperatures than most. It has even been grown in the Souther Yukon. Developed by Dr Harris, Beaverlodge Research Station, Alberta, Canada.
Sugar Sweetie Red/Cherry Indeterminate 65 Known for its strong tomato flavor. Large numbers of 3/4″ – 1″ cherry tomatoes are produced in grape-like clusters on 2 foot tall plants. Even though indeterminate, a good container variety.
Sun Gold Hybrid Gold/Cherry Indeterminate 57 Even though very sweet, Sun Gold’s exotic flavors give it an almost “cult” following. Tall plants need support. An “early” tomato for short seasons. Beautiful tangerine orange color.
Sunsugar TMV Gold/Cherry Indeterminate 62 Voted the best tasting small fruited variety. Each plant will produce many clusters of 1/2 inch or smaller, sweet golden cherry-sized, gorgeous fruit. A blue ribbon winner at one Fair declared it one of the sweetest and best flavored cherry varieties.
Super Bush Red/Cherry Determinate 75 These scrumptious hybrid tomatoes are specially bred for abundant yields on space=saving 2.5-3′ plants. Perfect for growing in large pots and patio containers. Super Bush bears uicy, heavy fruits with full sweet tomatoe-y flavor, not bland or watery like so many other bush varieties.
Sweet 100 F1 Red/Cherry Determinate 70 A splendid variety, yielding an abundance of bite-sized fruits which are deliciously sweet and juicy. It matures early producing long trusses of tomatoes.
Sweet Million Red/Cherry Indeterminate 75 F1 Hybrid. Plant produces heavy yields of very sweet, wonderful 1″ red cherry tomatoes. Plant can produces over 500 cherry tomatoes! Crack Resistant. Disease Resistant: VFFNTSt.
Tess’s Land Race Currant Red Indeterminate 55-68 Deliciously flavored currant tomato that originated from Maryland’s southern shore. The tiny fruit of this variety vary in color; most are deep red but some are also rose, gold and yellow. The flavorful fruit are popular with chefs and home gardeners. The sprawling vines produce clusters of these intense tasting miniatures.
Thessaloniki Red Indeterminate 80 Heirloom. This Greek tomato that was introduced to the USA in the 1950’s by Glecklers Seedsmen of Ohio. It is a popular large, red uniform fruit with excellent flavor, high yields and disease resistance. An early variety perfect for home or market; keeps well.
Tigerella Striped Indeterminate 55-75 Tasty, 2″ round fruit are bright red with orange stripes. A quite beautiful and popular variety from England that is good for greenhouse production. The yields are high even in cool summers, and it starts producinng very early. A connoisseur’s tomato!
Tiny Tim Red Indeterminate 45 Heirloom. Grows only 10-12 in tall and about 14 in across. A heavy yielder with clusters of 1 in red, fine-flavored fruit. Can be grown as a pot plant anytime of the year.
Wisconsin 55 Red Indeterminate 78 Back by popular demand. Bred by the University of Wisconsin in the 1940s, this is an excellent and versatile tomato with great flavor and lots of sweetness. Smooth, large tomatoes are about 8 oz and as pretty as can be. Extremely productive and thrive in a wide-range of growing conditions. This old-time favorite is sure to become a new favorite once you give it a try.
Yellow Pear Yellow Indeterminate 75 Small pear-shaped, yellow fruit is produced all summer. Refreshing mild flavor adds zest and color to salads, vegetable trays and pasta dishes.
Yellow Plum Yellow Indeterminate 75 Heirloom. Attractive plum-shaped 1-1/2 in yellow fruit have a sweet, mild flavor. Bears a bumper crop, producing clusters of 8-10 tomatoes. Eat fresh, or use in sauces or pastes, for canning or freezing.