We carry a range of  bagged soil products to amend and build your garden beds:


Bark Mulch/Soil Conditioner
Finely composted pine bark that works as a soil conditioner or ground cover, from bedding to trees.

Blue Ribbon Compost
Composted manures, humus, yard waste, forest products & pulverized straw for easy application for amendment or surface mulch.

Cow & Humus
Low nitrogen blend of cow manure and humus. Slow release, no burn, soil booster.

Mushroom Compost
Compost of horse & poultry manure, wheat straw, cotton nulls & forest products formulated for growing mushrooms – not a by-product. Great for enriching soil.

Poultry Manure
This weed free manure is composted with sawdust, retains water and aerates and loosens soil. Use for lawns, vegetable gardens, flower beds, shrubs, trees and roses.

Peat Moss
Soil conditioner, aerator

Coconut Coir
A permaculture substitute for peat moss and without the environmental damage caused by peat mining.

Earthworm Castings
Provides a nutrient charge and increases microbial activity of your soil.


Top Soil
Your basic bag of dirt.

Garden Soil Mix
An ‘all in one’ bag. Composted manures with topsoil, humus, and forest products.

Planter’s Mix
Compost, humus, soils & barkfines (yard waste). Specifically formulated for planting shrubs and trees.

Black Gold Potting Soil ***organic***
Rich loamy mix, 100% organic, consists of earthworm castings, Canadian sphagnum peat moss, compost, forest humus, perlite and pumice.

Black Gold Specialty Soil Mixes
Cactus Mix, African Violet Mix, Orchid Mix, Seedling Mix

Fox Farm Ocean Forest All Natural Potting Soil
Nutrient rich blend made from premium select earthworm castings and bat guano. This incredible garden amendment is pH adjusted and ready to use as a potting soil or for enriching your garden.

Top Dressing

Medium Bark
Decorative. Not recommended for use in flowerbeds.

Large Bark
Decorative. Not recommended for use in flowerbeds.

Shred Red Cedar
Decorative. Not recommended for use in flowerbeds. Also smells good & mats down well, preventing wind loss.