The unfolding layers of double peonies captivate the eye.

Peonies are a relatively low-maintenance and rewarding perennial to grow in your yard. Each year in late spring/early summer they will reward you with gorgeous blooms. Many are also strongly fragrant. Make sure you select a sight that gets several hours of full sun or your peony won’t thrive (or bloom). Give them regular, deep watering throughout the growing season. Treat your peonies to some potash each spring by digging several handfuls of fireplace ash into the soil around the peony. Bone meal is also an excellent soil amendment. Peonies are cold-hardy but benefit from a few deep waterings throughout the winter to prevent desiccation.

The following are the varieties that Gwynne’s has in stock this season. But, hurry, supplies are limited and when they’re gone, they’re gone!


Variety Height Zone Exposure Color Note
Felix Crousse 34″ 3 Full Sun Deep Velvet Red Double Flower; Fragrant
Francis Ortegot 32″ 2-8 Full Sun Brilliant Carmine Double Flower; Fragrant
Kansas 32-36″ 3-8 Full Sun Bright Watermelon Pink Double; Fragrant
Modesta 30-36″ 3-7 Full Sun Dark Red Double; Fragrant
Richard Carvel 36″ 2-8 Full Sun Bright Crimson Double; Early; Slightly Fragrant
Top Brass 24-36″ 3-9 Full Sun White w/ bright yellow accent Double; Fragrant
Monsieur Martin Cahuzac 36″ 3-8 Full Sun Dark Red, Maroon Double; Slightly Fragrant
Humei 30-36″ 3-7 Full Sun Cherry Pink Double; Late
Moonstone 30-36″ 3-9 Full Sun Blush Pink Double; Fragrant
Raspberry Sunday 36″ 3-8 Full Sun Pale shell-pink to deep berry Double; Slightly Fragrant
Avalanche 35″ Full Sun White w/ red flecks Double; Lightly Fragrant
Festiva Maxima 24-36″ 3-7 Full Sun White with Crimson flakes Double; Large; Fragrant