seedsOnce December is over, I just can’t help thinking about seeds.  Maybe  it’s my new gardening book  that first inspires me.  Maybe it’s watching the  light last a little longer in the sky than it did the day before, or maybe it’s a warm, bright, sunny day in January.  Whatever it is, I am already dreaming about SEEDS!


At Gwynne’s we are busy ordering new seeds for the Spring.   For 2013 we will offer flower, herb and vegetable seeds from our usual vendors, Botanical Interests and Renee’s Garden, and we have also chosen some special herb and vegetable seeds from Baker Creek and Seeds of  Change.  We know Heirloom and Organic is what you want and we will have a fabulous selection of seeds for you to check out in the Spring.


Currently the Greenhouse is resting, dreaming of the new year and all that may grow in 2013.  January is a great time to dream up your own new garden plans for the coming year.  We’ll keep you posted regarding upcoming Spring 2013 hours.  Until then……….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.