In our ever growing, environmentally conscious society, we want to make the right choice when purchasing a Christmas tree.

At first, the idea of cutting down a real tree appears to go against the idea of conservation. Looking more closely, there is still more to consider:

* A large percentage of fake trees are made in China and shipped to the US on diesel-fueled ships. Most of these are made with PVC, making them neither recyclable nor biodegradable.
* Christmas trees can be grown as an agricultural crop, removing carbon dioxide and adding oxygen to our atmosphere. They can also be easily recycled!
Consider buying a tree that is grown on a sustainable farm. Growers plant one or more trees to replace every tree they harvest. Purchasing a native Colorado tree may be your best bet for freshness.

I searched online for sustainable trees sold in our area and am not coming up with much. Some of you have asked if Gwynne’s will be selling Christmas trees for 2012. In previous years Gwynne’s has offered sustainable Christmas trees, thinned from 2-3 acres of land, owned by local Lyons residents. This was for fire mitigation as part of the CO State Forest Service‚Äôs Forestry Management Program. Unfortunately, we are not currently offering these trees for the 2012 season.

Check your local Farmer’s Market or other online resources to find sustainably-harvested trees sold in our area. It’s a great way to give back to our Earth this Holiday Season!