Our cut flower garden was hit hard by the flood waters in Sept 2013. Much of the garden was either scoured away or buried beneath feet of sediments. Many other portions of our business were hit hard by the waters as you can read about here. But this post details the recovery of our cut flower and display gardens – our unique treasure.

As soon as the flood waters receded and all visible and salvageable merchandise removed, we brought in a crew to excavate our perennial area, garden and field. Heavy machinery is not a gardens best friend but it was a necessary evil in order to get up and running again for Spring 2014. We dug out what plants we could identify but much of our mature perennial backbone was destroyed. The silver lining was that we had a chance to rebuild and replant the garden, taking into consideration all the issues any garden naturally has.

Once the ground was leveled and the ‘maze’ rebuilt according to our new plan, we replanting the long strips facing the parking lot and entrance walk with spring flowering bulbs. It will take a couple years for our perennials to mature but there will be plenty of room for annuals and we expect an exuberant display of all our favorite annual cut flowers including the zinnia!