We are super excited to announce that we are carrying fruit trees this year. The following is our availability (as of April 2012):

Apple, McIntosh, Semi-Dwf
Apple, Wealthy, Semi-Dwf
Apple, Yellow Delicious, Semi-Dwf
Apple, Yellow Transparent, Semi-Dwf
Apricot, Moor Park, Semi-Dwf
Cherry, Black Tartarian, Semi-Dwf
Cherry, Montmorency, Semi-Dwf
Peach, Hale Haven, Semi-Dwf
Peach, Red Haven, Semi-Dwf
Peach, Reliance, Semi-Dwf
Pear, Asian Combination, Semi-Dwf
Plum, Green Gage, Semi-Dwf
Plum, Stanley, Semi-Dwf