Gwynne Owen, Owner and Creative Force

Gwynne’s Greenhouse & Gardenshoppe was created in 1994 by the current owner Gwynne Owen. She got started in the flower business by mowing lawns in Boulder, CO 28 years ago. This side job grew into a florascaping business that at one time designed and installed the rock gardens and planted the flowers of some of the most prominent commercial properties in Boulder, CO including The Village by McGuckin’s, Arapahoe Village, Waterstreet, Canyon Center and others. With the addition of the retail greenhouses located near Lyons, CO in 1994, which is now home to Gwynne’s Greenhouse & Gardenshoppe, she downsized the landscaping end of her business. However, she is still responsible for the flowers at Table Mesa Shopping Center, Walnut Shopping Center and business parks such as Pearl East and Flatirons. You can view a gallery of photos here.

At Gwynne’s Greenhouse & Gardenshoppe we strive to buy, grow and experiment with new, different and unusual annuals and perennials in an effort to offer only the best to our customers. Our renowned cut flower garden draws people from near and far. This garden was created first and foremost for the public to enjoy but it was additionally created as an experiment site for unusual varieties of annuals and perennials to test their durability in Colorado weather. This method of experimentation allows us to consistently provide for sale the best of the new, old and unique for our customers.

We are constantly changing our displays to create an aesthetically pleasing/inviting garden atmosphere and to keep up with changing trends and seasons.